Since I can remember I’ve had a golf club in my hands. Sadly, that hasn’t made me much more than a serviceable golfer with the potential for brilliance but propensity for disaster. Nevertheless, my love of the game has steadily grown into a full blown addiction. The amount of golf content I consume on a weekly basis is what many might describe as borderline unhealthy.  After spending years following, observing and engaging with the many incredibly talented content creators in the golf world I decided to start my own site.

Ultimately, the goal of Outside The Cut is to provide a non-traditional perspective on the game which is both insightful and entertaining. The name Outside The Cut speaks to the type of content I want to deliver which “missed the cut” in mainstream media and broadcast coverage. Golf doesn’t have to be rigid and stuffy, we made it that way. OTC is changing that.

Be sure to follow @OutsideTheCut on Twitter and please send in any recommendations or thoughts on the site and how we can make it better!