Conor Moore is an Irish actor / impressionist and he just dropped a masterpiece. Conor put together a collection of impersonations from this weeks field at Augusta. The level of detail in the individual mannerisms and voices is uncanny. Some of the intricacies I didn’t even realize these players do until he mimicked them. My favorite bits…

  • Justin Rose:┬áSerial arm crosser and squinty eyes. That explains the sunglassses.
  • Ian Poulter: Incessant head turner, always breaks up phrases with his glances.
  • Bubba Watson: Big time cry baby. Love this less than subtle jab at Bagdad Gerry.
  • Tiger Woods: Maybe the most difficult voice of the bunch for lack of accent. Nailed it.
  • Rory McIlroy: Possibly the best impression. The voice and facial expressions are spot on.


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