Green Jacket Auctions is golf’s foremost memorabilia auction site. They host a handful of auctions every year and they always contain very rare and interesting items. The Spring 2018 auction has hundreds of items for sale. You can look through the entire selection here. For your convenience, I’ve narrowed it down to a list of the 15 most interesting items. Beware… you need some serious cash to own many of these collectibles. Auction ends April 8th.


Sam Snead’s 1954 Masters Champion Trophy


This trophy is the auction’s crown jewel and one of the most prestigious and elusive collector’s items you could ever own. While the sterling silver trophy didn’t begin until 1993, all former champions were offered the opportunity to purchase one. No replica’s of any kind exist and the only way to obtain one is to win the Masters. Needless to say, this is one of the rarest trophies in all of golf. Green Jacket Auctions sold one of Arnold Palmer’s trophies in 2016 for $444,012.

Bid (as of 3/27): $229,753

SOLD – $333,601



Tiger Woods Signed Masters Champion Dinner Menu


This might be my favorite item in the auction. The prior year Masters winner gets the honor of hosting a dinner for all former champions on the Tuesday evening of tournament week. The reigning champion also gets to select the entire menu which will be served (including drinks). The most infamous champions dinner of all time took place in 1998. Former champion Fuzzy Zoeller made some outrageously racist comments to reporters following Tigers victory regarding the dinner menu the following year…

“You know what you guys do when he gets in here? You pat him on the back and say congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not to serve fried chicken next year. Got it.”

He then added

“Or collard greens, or whatever the hell they serve.”

Bid (as of 3/27): $855

SOLD – $2,418



Authentic St. Andrews Tee Marker


Memorabilia from the Old Course at St. Andrews not pertaining to the Open Championship is exceedingly scarce. Green Jacket Auctions describes this piece well… “Offered here is a truly rare opportunity to obtain an actual piece of the Old Course at St Andrews. For the first time in the course’s multi-century history, the St. Andrews Links Trust installed yardage markers on the Old Course in the 1980s. When the course was finally lengthened in 2005, those yardage markers had to be replaced. Jack Nicklaus wanted the 18th hole marker, and a very well known television personality obtained many of the remaining bronze markers. This original 6th hole tee marker comes framed with a letter of authenticity from the St Andrews Links Trust.”

Bid (as of 3/27): $1,181

SOLD – $4,891



Sudden Death Playoff Ball – ’05 Tiger Woods Masters


Another incredibly cool Tiger Woods item up for sale. Green Jack Auctions calls it “Perhaps the most significant piece of Tiger Woods memorabilia ever to hit the auction block – the actual golf ball sunk by Tiger Woods to win the 2005 Masters Tournament” — In 2005, Tiger went into a sudden death playoff with Chris DiMarco and eventually won the tournament on the 1st playoff hole. Just three holes prior Tiger hit the most famous chip shot in golf. It’s unclear if this is the same ball but I’d guess it isn’t. Once Tiger sank the putt to win the Masters he followed it with arguably the most legendary TW fist pump of all time. You can see the ball and fist pump in the below video.

The story behind this ball is equally as fascinating as the ball itself. Inexplicably, Steve Williams (TW’s caddy) retrieved the ball from the hole and THREW IT INTO THE CROWD. A man named Al Cheek caught the ball. He declined to sell it to Heritage Auctions for an estimated ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, and offered it back to Tiger FOR FREE. Tiger and his camp never got back to Mr. Cheek for some reason, so he kept the ball. Big Cat was probably preoccupied with all of the other cheeks in his life if you catch my drift.

Bid (as of 3/27): $6,655

SOLD – $30,326



1978 Open Championship Pin Flag


This flag was flown in actual tournament play on the 18th green of the Old Course in the 1978 Open Championship. Jack Nicklaus won the tournament that year in one of his most memorable major championship victories. Green Jacket Auctions sold a similar flag from the same year in 2012 for $9,156.

Bid (as of 3/27): $806

SOLD – $5,381



Signed Phil Mickelson Driver


Offered here is a signed 975 Titleist driver used by Phil Mickelson during the 2001 PGA season. Titleist donated this item to a charity auction following the season and it’s back for round 2, minus the charity part. I’m not sure how you would display this item but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

Bid (as of 3/27): $666 (yikes)

SOLD – $2,075



Members Only Augusta National Head Cover


It’s widely known that the only place in the world that you can purchase Masters merchandise is within the grounds of the tournament itself (and eBay). Those items are branded with “Masters” scripting, not Augusta National. Therefore, Masters merchandise is far from rare; however, Augusta National Golf Club items are. Only members and their guests are permitted to shop inside the members pro shop where AGNC logo items are sold. That makes this headcover a coveted piece of equipment protection for golfers who enjoy showing off their conquests on their golf bags.

Bid (as of 3/27): $161

SOLD – $602



Member Only Augusta National Putter Cover


The same level of exclusivity with the above headcover applies to this putter cover. Put a multi-thousand dollar Scotty Cameron Circle-T putter inside this AGNC cover and I guarantee you will never come across someone with a bougier flat stick setup than this. (Unless you meet the guy who wins the item below)

Bid (as of 3/27): $161



Tiger Woods Backup Scotty Cameron Putter


Much has been said about Tiger and the relationship with his Scotty Cameron Newport model putter, which he used to win 13 of 14 major championships. Offered here is an exact copy made by Scotty himself to serve as a backup / practice putter for Tigers tournament putter. Scotty claims that he created 1-2 backups per year for Tiger. This model was made in 2001. If you have very deep pockets and like investing in memorabilia you cannot go wrong with this.

Bid (as of 3/27): $14,265

SOLD – $44,401



1978 St. Andrews Open Championship Crystal


Competitors of The Open Championship (aka British Open) each receive a gift for their participation. In 1978, players were offered this Orrefors decanter from St. Andrews. Jack Nicklaus won the Open that year to claim his third major across the pond. You won’t find a more impressive decanter to fill with your scotch of choice.

Bid (as of 3/27): $258

SOLD – $1,718



LeRoy Neiman Painting


LeRoy Neiman is one of the most acclaimed sporting artists of all time. His colorful paintings are well known across the world and this is perhaps his most renowned golf piece. Green Jacket Auctions calls it “the most famous piece of modern golf artwork ever produced.” Not only is this specific picture highly coveted, it is signed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Ben Hogan. It’s gonna look great in the OTC offices someday.

Bid (as of 3/27): $1,074

SOLD – $13,956



Open Championship Winner’s Medal


This gold medal is presented to the Open Championship winner each year along with a 1 year lease on the original Claret Jug. The medal began in 1872 as a way to award the champion, as the Claret Jug was not yet ready to be presented. This specific copy is from Roberto De Vincenzo’s 1967 victory at Royal Liverpool. I’m not terribly interested in this item but nevertheless, it will go for some big boy coin.

Bid (as of 3/27): $13,310

SOLD – $73,387



Arnold Palmer Letter to Veteran


Arnold Palmer is famous for responding to letters which people sent to him. In this instance a military service member sent him a letter along with a squadron patch. Arnie responded to Lt. Walker with this hand signed letter. It would be a little weird to own a private communication between two other people, but this is an interesting piece of history regardless.

Bid (as of 3/27): $100

SOLD – $132



Signed Tiger Woods Major Championship Flags


When a golfer wins a major championship (or any tournament for that matter) he is given a huge stack of flags to sign. Someone has managed to collect a signed flag for all 14 major victories won by Tiger Woods and is selling the entire lot. Here’s to hoping that whoever wins this auction is forced to buy another flag for their collection in a couple weeks…

Bid (as of 3/27): $7,320

SOLD – $18,830



Member Only Augusta National Briefcase


I snuck this in for two reasons… 1) It gives me an even fifteen items and 2) I saw a guy in LaGuardia earlier this year with this briefcase and it created a bevy of questions in my head about who he was and where he got the bag. Thankfully, that mystery is now solved. This briefcase was given to members of Augusta National as a gift in 2008. If you need a new briefcase, the price on this is still low and I guarantee nobody in your office will ever walk through the doors will the same bag.

Bid (as of 3/27): $120

SOLD – $602


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  1. I have a singed picture lithograph by Jack, of Jacks Farewell to the Open number 447 of 500 Along with 2 five pound bills that are collector bills. Framed. Any Idea of its value?


      1. Ryan

        November 3, 2019 at 2:56 pm
        I have a singed picture lithograph by Jack, of Jacks Farewell to the Open number 447 of 500 Along with 2 five pound bills that are collector bills. Framed. Any Idea of its value?


  2. I have a announcement cardboard poster from the 1994 SENIOR SLAM IN QUERETARO,MEXICO HAS FOUR HAND SIGNATURES FROM: TOM SHAW,TOM WARGO,JIM COLBART,JACK NICKLAUS….It’s in great condition any ideas what it may be worth?Great collection for a golfing enthusiasts! Ty

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