Great week all around from The Honda Classic in Palm Gardens. The WGC is next on tap and all the big guns are now headed to Mexico City (take the pun if you want it) but first… here are your highlights from Honda – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Gato Grande

Tiger made it clear this week that his “comeback” is finally for real. He posted consistent rounds of 71, 71, 69, and 70.  TW legitimately could’ve been in contention or won this tournament if you take away a couple shots on the 15th and added a few more makeable birdie putts. His game looked much better than his already respectable score indicates and his swing speed is incomprehensible at the age of 42.

Cat will take at least a week off while the tour heads south of the border. Any hope of tempering expectations going forward are now over. Outside of his solid play, the most amusing Eldrick moment (other than him dropping F bombs and GD blasts into the microphone) was his par save from the Pretzel Stand on Thursday…



Justin Thomas

We got to see an exciting finish with a three-way tie going through the Bear Trap. JT stuck his approach on the 72nd hole to force a playoff against Luke List. Justin won the first playoff hole for his 8th career win. If you want journalistic tournament recap coverage go look somewhere on


Duff Daddy

Dufner doesn’t have a hat sponsor this year. This has flown under the radar of most casual golf fans thus far. Duff Daddy changed that on Friday when he rolled out alongside Tiger in a hat with 5 gold stars and “BOSS” scripting. Dufner said he was at Rickie Fowler’s house the night before when he saw the hat and decided to wear it the next afternoon. I love this move and his general DGAF attitude about basically everything. More to come on the many hats of Jason Dufner…

It’s only a matter of time until he forgoes all civility and dawns this gem. Like I said, Duff DGAF.

Yes, this is a real hat and you can buy one HERE.




Rory’s Day in the Bush

Saturday was a ROUGH day for your boy Rory McIlroy (a.k.a. McRib, a.k.a. The Pacemaker). He played holes 4-8 at 6 shots over par. That’s +6 in only 5 holes. He was able to salvage the round and reign it in for a +3 (73) but was +7 for the tournament and out of contention. People have started to whisper about the current state of his game following a missed cut at Torrey Pines and very poor T-59 at Honda. This picture from Saturday isn’t going to help things.


Tommy Fleetwood’s Outfit

I’m a big Thomas Fleetwood fan. His flow is spectacular, his ball-striking is unrivaled and his last name is as luxurious as they come. With that being said… I was appalled by his outfit on Saturday. Tommy came out rocking an all green get-up. When you wear all green there’s only one other guy who comes to mind.


Brandt’s #MudBall

Sneds found himself short of safety on Thursday at the par three 17th. His ball landed just short of the bank and was at least somewhat accessible from the mud. Rather than taking a penalty stroke in the drop area he decided to try and hit it from the mud / water. He then tried the same shot and failed to get it out of the lake once again. He finally got it out on his 4th shot and finished with a double bogey. I love watching guys take off their shoes to get in the water but sometimes it’s smarter to just take your medicine. We appreciate the entertainment Brandt.





Justin Thomas

While JT’s ball was in flight from the 16th tee during the final round, a fan apparently cheered for it to go in the fairway bunker. Once again, the tee box microphone god’s were shining upon us and gave me more golden JT color commentary (re: “Talk Dirty to Me”). Thomas was less than pleased that this meanie rooted for his ball to find the sand. He was do displeased that he set out to find the bully and deal out his punishment personally…

JT: “Who said that? Who’s cheering for that ball to get in the bunker? Was that you? Enjoy your day buddy. You’re gone.”

I have very mixed feelings about this altercation. On one hand, it wasn’t very becoming of the fan to openly root for Justin’s ball to miss the fairway. On the other hand, I don’t think it would be the worst thing if golf crowds got a little more aggressive in who/what they root for as long as the comments are not personal attacks, vile or during the swing. The one thing I’m not uncertain about is this is NOT a good look for JT. He looks softer than a jelly donut going after this nobody spectator like that. Hopefully he doesn’t understand French because they’re going to be saying far worse at the Ryder Cup this summer.


Frownie Kaufman

Smylie Kaufman continued his shockingly abysmal play this week coming in dead last carding a +13 (83) and a +10 (80). It’s so bad that I actually feel somewhat sorry for him. Smylie has now missed 4 cuts in a row and 8 out of his last 9. He played 36 holes this week and here are some “stats”…

0 Birdies — 12 Bogeys — 5 Double Bogeys

Natty should’ve known their sponsorship deal was a bad choice when he spent the 2017 Masters tournament at their Augusta parking lot tailgate. The previous year he was in the final group on Sunday. An inexplicable fall from grace.

Not the best campaign slogan right now.

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